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Roman Roads Natural Stone Construction

Natural Stone

Increasing Your Property Value -
It's All About Curb Appeal!

In years gone by, farmers cleared the natural stone/fieldstone from their land to make way for their crops. This stone was then used as property markers, known as farmer's walls. We now harvest and utilize those same "nuisance rocks" to decorate and enhance our property, and increase its value.

Types of Natural Stonework

Boundary Walls
Similar to the property markers of yesteryear, with more design and consistency, creating an aesthetically appealing improvement to your yard.

Types of Walls
Your new stone wall will enhance your outdoor living area while providing functionality as a boundary or retainer.

  • Dry Laid
  • Mortared or Wet Set
  • Double-FAced
  • Sitting Wall
  • Retaining Wall

Types of Stone

  • Pennsylvania Thin
  • South Bay
  • Corinthian Granite
  • Sekonnett
  • White Mountain Wall Stone
  • New England Fieldstone
  • Yankee Special Thin
  • American Granite

"Jim Veneto of Roman Roads replaced a large driveway railroad retaining wall with stone; steps up to the back yard; a walkway to the back door; and a beautiful stone patio and firepit last July, 2008.

Jim's masons worked for 5 weeks and were always on the job by 6:30 am andworked tirelessly until 4:00 each day. His crew was very professional and creative and worked with me to take a challenging landscape and created a beautiful stone wall and outdoor patio living space. I realized that I needed to redo an older stone wall which had not even come close to the quality of work that he had just created.

The old stone wall had so much cement showing on the top of the wall and the round rocks were just placed on top of one another to create a wall. Jim's masons hand smashed these round rocks to show the beautiful inside colors and methodically placed each rock and used more cement behind the wall to hold it securely in place and carefully used as little cement on the top of the wall. He also knew how to install proper drainage behind the wall before he started building to allow proper water runoff away from the wall.

Jim was also always on the job to work with his masons. I would highly recommend Jim Veneto of Roman Roads."

- Barbara Humphreys