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Roman Roads Natural Stone Construction

Stone & Brick Repair


Your front steps are a mess. The railing is wobbly...the bricks are loose and flaking and uneven. The mortar joints are virtually non-existent with moss growing where the mortar should be allowing water to penetrate the base and erode the sub-structure of the entire area.

Repairing this can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement, not to say eliminate a potential accident due to an uneven or loose walking area.

Re-pointing bricks where the mortar is loose or missing will help protect your chimney/staircase from water seeping in and give the brick added strength

Stone repair
Your stone wall has turned into a virtual "pile of rocks." The base under your wall has "givin up the ghost" and does not adequately support the wall. Traffic vibration and yes...that over zealous snow plow driver who threw snow at your wall at 50 MPH.

We can reconstruct your stone wall to not only last for years, but to enhance your curb appeal.


brick repair

"We recently hired Roman Roads to replace our front walk. This led to the discovery that our chimney was unstable and had to be removed.  Despite this and other setbacks, Jim and his crew, Eddie and Steve, completed the job on time and for a reasonable fee.  Jim kept us apprised of the situation at every step and gave us good advice. We were dealt with in professional and ethical manner throughout.  We highly recommend Roman Roads. We will, without a doubt, call them when next we need masonry work done."

Bill & Carolyn
Randolph, MA